Real Estate

Despite a somewhat tricky real estate market, we want to remind you that they're not making any more real estate. Real estate still holds the key to one of the most profitable areas in investing. You can do well in a number of different ways -

Investing in Individual Properties. With a wealth of short sales and foreclosures at your fingertips in almost every city in the United States, and with thorough research on your part, you can pick up some nice rental properties or investments for the future. However, many of you may be nervous about investing at this time. That's fine: there are plenty of others who will be happy to pay for the deals that you find.

Real Estate Owned by the Bank (REO's). We have numerous investors who will happily purchase properties from banks or lending institutions who have foreclosed on those properties and now wish to sell them, as banks do not like to own real estate. Individual properties are marketable, but the big bucks are in portfolios of properties. You can find these at banks or other lending institutions. They may total in the millions of dollars in "face value" (the total amount of all the loans' unpaid balances). We have active purchasers for these portfolios, so ask for a spreadsheet or sanitized spreadsheet from their institution that actually owns the portfolio, fill out the worksheet herein, and contact us. We have buyers who will purchase millions of dollars of REO portfolios each week.

Contact: Marilyn Singer at or at 716-570-6361.


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