• Are you satisfied with the numbers of prospects you're meeting?
  • Are you having trouble getting in to see the right people?
  • Have you asked yourself,  "If I'm so good, why haven't I closed more cash flow transactions?"
  • Are you looking for an easy, effective way to open doors that have been closed to you?
  • Would you be interested in hearing about an area of the cash flow business that opens doors, complements all others, and can lead to new sources of revenue for you?

As a cash flow consultant, are you having trouble establishing your credibility in the cash flow industry? If so, THINK DELINQUENT DEBT! That's right, delinquent debt. Sound crazy? Well, think about this -

  • What do all businesses have in common?
  • What do all businesses have whether they want it or not?
  • What would all businesses love to get rid of?
  • What is worth money to a business, and yet they throw it away?

You guessed it - DELINQUENT DEBT.

The fastest way we know to establish your credibility and begin working relationships with current or new prospects is to buy a few million dollars of delinquent debt off their books.

When Marilyn and I first went into the cash flow business, we targeted areas with which we were familiar: mortgages, business notes and factoring. During a conversation, a prospect said that he had a lot of delinquent accounts they were trying to clean up. Being the diligent cash flow consultant she is, Marilyn pursued the conversation and the rest is history.

For the past 12 years, we have used delinquent debt to open doors that would normally have been closed. Starting a conversation by telling a person that we are interested in purchasing his delinquent accounts that have already been charged off gets his attention very fast.

Our Brokering Delinquent Debt for Fun and Profit Training System is the result of years of experience in the Marketing and Cash Flow Industry and is a plain language guide to help you open doors to profitable areas in the cash flow industry.

If a business has been doing business over a period of years, in all likelihood they have accumulated a volume of delinquent debt.

Just think, if you had delinquent accounts on the books and someone called you and said they would like to buy them, wouldn't that conversation build credibility with you? Of course it would!

That conversation would make it easy for you to talk about factoring accounts receivable that could possibly cut way back on future delinquencies, which lead to conversations on equipment leasing, business notes, and many other lucrative income streams.

  • Where there are delinquent accounts, there are performing accounts.
  • Where there are performing accounts, there are new opportunities for the cash flow professional.

Would you like to know -

  • Where to find profitable delinquent debt portfolios?
  • To whom you should speak?
  • How to get around the gatekeeper?
  • How to talk the talk?
  • How to turn delinquent debt into current profits?
  • How to position yourself as valuable cash flow recourse?
  • What information you will need to know about a delinquent debt portfolio in order to broker it?
  • How to convert delinquent debt prospects into long-term clients?

All this and more is in our Brokering Delinquent Debt For Fun and Profit Training System -


This easy-to-read and use training system walks you through all the steps from finding delinquent debt portfolios - and they are everywhere - to brokering them. Don't wait another day without exploring this incredible door-opening income stream. Don't let another prospect get away because you didn't offer them the right solution. Begin relationships. Open new doors with new and current prospects. It's been working for us. Let it work for you. This best-selling, step-by-step guide will walk you through how to find and broker delinquent debt portfolios - now in it's 4th Edition!

Order your Brokering Delinquent Debt For Fun and Profit Training System today and don't miss another opportunity!


We have created myriad of Delinquent Debt materials for your use, which can be found by clicking on our DD Materials page.




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